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"Haley's vision of humanity - that we are here to heal and help one another through our suffering and healing - is a hopeful one. Her primary intent in the way she viewed my chart seemed to be: okay, this is who you are, now here is how you can heal and give back to the planet because of who you are. Haley is incredibly insightful and supportive. She gave my chart the kind of intricate attention I would give my own and really tried to get a handle on who I am as a person as described by the placements in my natal chart. Her titling the chart with a phrase really helped focus the overall message. I took tons of notes because there was so much information!" - S.J.

"I gained a deeper understanding of how I relate to other people. There were so many moments when Haley was reading my chart that events in my life and interactions I've been puzzled about suddenly "clicked" for me. I began to pay closer attention to my impulses to be creative. This reading sparked a series of important realizations in my life that had to do with recognizing my own creative potential. It encouraged me to pay closer attention to my own internal turbulence and calm. It even impacted how I started to carry myself, with more confidence. I learned to trust the way that I feel, an instinct that has been conditioned out of us in a capitalist, racist world that insists that "seeing" is the only way to know. I felt closer to my ancestors and began to be attentive to signs in my dreams that I could connect to aspects of my chart. I attribute the reading to a series of self-realizations and growth in my life that happened directly after. I realized I had been neglecting my creativity and my inner worlds. In the span of time since my reading, I gained insights that created the spark to relaunch my jewelry business, wrote a poetry book that I had been struggling with for a year, pursued therapy, and started to incorporate spiritual rituals and meditative practices more regularly into my life." - B.G.

"I think that I knew these things somewhere deep inside, but I have no talent at laying them out in a way that makes sense to me. Hearing them presented from someone I don’t personally know in the way they were presented reaffirmed emotions and intuitions I had no language for. I feel like I have a rich deep dive of a reading to unpack at my pace, but also an understanding of so many internal struggles that I perceived as making me a divided being coming together to tell me a story that finally made sense. In one reading I could see a map building up that gave me a structure through which I could finally see patterns and relationships between planets and energies that made my life (so far) make so much better sense to me. I felt super comfortable from the start and although there was deep intense (for me) stuff discussed, there was also laughter and levity throughout. I left this reading feeling deeply grateful and buoyant, even though I had a particularly rough couple of days." – R.M.

"This was my first time ever getting a reading, so I was bit nervous, but my god, I’m more than satisfied with my choice of your lovely services. This experience was grounding, rejuvenating, affirming and informative, to say the least."- K.B.

"My biggest takeaway is that my healing is not my own. That by healing myself I am paving a path for others to heal. This reading gave me a bigger sense of purpose. It encourages me to really work on myself, to shine a light in the dark alleys and shadowy corners that hid all the hurt and trauma, so that others can experience their own healing. This reading made me recognize my place as an individual but also that as part of the whole.

This reading explained the past so that I may be more present now and prepare (and prosper) in the future. I was most intrigued by the Chiron work to be done. A little part of me knew what needed to be brought to the surface and worked through, but the reading illuminated that and offered a lot of insight. I'm normally a very cheery person, everything is great and amazing on the outside but I've always sensed this inner turmoil and the reading showed me where it stemmed from... With that being said it gave me a reason and platform to start a conversation to kick the work into high gear. This reading also gave me hella confidence. It truly made me understand that I am that chick. I got the juice. I have everything I need. Just have to put it out there; to myself and to the world. " - T.W.

"I had a wonderful reading. I appreciated how prepared Haley was for our session, and how thoughtfully she explained my chart to me. I feel like I gained so much clarity from the reading and it was really cool to see how different parts of my chart were connected. Future readings are definitely on the horizon. Seeing the themes in my chart that center around others made me aware of some toxic patterns I need to correct when interacting with those who are close to me. I'm also more motivated than ever to clear some energy blockages that are preventing me from pursuing what I believe is my purpose." - K.T.

"The most significant thing I took away was to embrace my artistic side. I've been so discouraged from pursuing music by my family that I always thought I would never succeed at it. But it was written in the stars that this is a part of me, that this part of myself resonates with who I am, and I should embrace that. So I've stopped paying attention to professional goals that my family wants for me, and I'm embracing music. I've produced so much work since then, and I'm playing music multiple times a day now, trying to do something with it. It is a very liberating feeling, and I attribute so much of where I gained the push to be where I am now to this meeting." - J.L.

"Years after my reading, I’m still finding truth and guidance in what Haley revealed to me in my chart. And it’s not just what she uncovered that’s so meaningful, but how she turned raw data into powerfully intimate insights about my purpose. 
Haley takes her clients on a guided tour of their own souls with divine compassion and rich understanding. The wisdom she shared in my reading continues to shape my vision for the future and validates some of my deepest, quietest intuitions about what I am here to do." - C.B.

"I have had the gift of sitting with you for three of our family's readings now and I would describe my experience working with you as incredibly personal, warm and deeply insightful. Hearing your interpretation[s]... I can see that you have such an intuitive sense of each person at their core as you study their charts. You're able to beautifully articulate the strengths, challenges and growth points of that person in a way that elevates and encourages them and shines a light on what makes each person uniquely who they are.


...the ways that you talked about our life's work and offered each of us new ways to think about our strengths and gifts and the challenges that we each have to work through to embody our highest selves will be a lens that I feel sure we both revisit for decades to come. ...having now participated in three readings with you, I have been touched by the way that I recognize with such familiarity the essence of each of us in your words and observations and, at the same time, you bring entirely new language and new ways of seeing to each of us. In your readings, it feels like you're able to reveal new angles and clarity to the mirror that has always been right in front of a person. " – R.F.