I’m Haley Smith, and I use astrology to guide you back to yourself — to the truth of who you are.


Your birth chart is a rich, undeniable tapestry of the immeasurable fullness of who you are — your gifts, your lived experiences, the wisdom of your ancestors, and your profound positionality in the story of the world.

In your birth chart, you’re given the gift of insight — insight into the magic that only you can brew. 

Together, we journey through your chart to turn insight into action, and uncover the unique ways you are poised to show up in the collective. 


Liberation is the core of my lens, and astrology is one of liberation’s most powerful agents. One of the oldest methods of making meaning of the human experience, astrology has influenced the engineering of entire civilizations, the selection of monarchs, agriculture, and more. Centuries ago, our forebears spent hours finding connection in the sky, the land, and in one another.


With where we stand now as a collective, disconnection from self, from the land, and from each other underpins profound injustices in the world — and why your magic in the world is vital.


Astrology challenges us to stand empowered in radical connectivity — to remember that we are each a dynamic part of the intricate web of humanity. This work is a potent rejection of the staunch, mythic, and alienating individualism millions of us have been conditioned to embody.

Radical connectivity begins with you.

Astrology invites you into remembrance, expansion, and connection with the truth of who you are — the antithesis of centuries of the spellwork of colonialism, capitalism, and white supremacy designed to fragment your fullness.


It is an honor to guide you through your chart, to make meaning just as the ancestors did, and provide you with tangible tools to transform your life and your world.