Astrology for collective liberation.

Old wisdom, new futures.

I’m Haley Smith, and I use astrology to guide you back to yourself — to the truth of who you are.

Your birth chart is a rich, undeniable tapestry of the immeasurable fullness of who you are.

Your chart illuminates your gifts, your lived experiences, the wisdom of your ancestors, and your profound positionality in the story of the world.


In your chart, you’re given the gift of insight — insight into the magic that only you can brew. The magic that is integral to collective change.


Together, we journey through your chart to turn insight into action, and uncover the unique ways you are poised to show up in the collective.


"Years after my reading, I’m still finding truth and guidance in what Haley revealed to me in my chart. And it’s not just what she uncovered that’s so meaningful, but how she turned raw data into powerfully intimate insights about my purpose. 


Haley takes her clients on a guided tour of their own souls with divine compassion and rich understanding. The wisdom she shared in my reading continues to shape my vision for the future and validates some of my deepest, quietest intuitions about what I am here to do." - C.B.


Clients &



"Haley's vision of humanity - that we are here to heal and help one another through our suffering and healing - is a hopeful one. Her primary intent in the way she viewed my chart seemed to be: okay, this is who you are, now here is how you can heal and give back to the planet because of who you are. Haley is incredibly insightful and supportive. She gave my chart the kind of intricate attention I would give my own and really tried to get a handle on who I am as a person as described by the placements in my natal chart. Her titling the chart with a phrase really helped focus the overall message. I took tons of notes because there was so much information!" - S.J.