New Moon in Gemini Horoscopes – May 22, 2020

Collective Overview

New moons are dark, lush times to begin anew and set intentions for what we desire. With today’s new moon in Gemini, there is a collective invitation to write new truths for ourselves, and for our world.

Currently, Gemini energy abounds. We’ve freshly entered Gemini season, a Venus retrograde cycle through Gemini, Mercury and Vesta are camped here, and the North Node has just entered Gemini. The South Node has entered Sagittarius as well, activating our navigation of the Gemini-Sagittarius axis until January 2022.

The Gemini-Sagittarius axis is all about the dissemination and pursuit of knowledge language, communications, education, teaching, and truth-seeking all figure strongly. The ways in which the power of language and knowledge have been historically utilized are now up for review and deep change.

Right now, the swell of truths we have believed in and upheld have rapidly been revealed curtains have been ripped back, and the smoke shifts from the mirrors day by day. The South Node directs us to the shadowy expressions of each sign that are to be transmuted and integrated and in Sagittarius, this shows a reckoning with dominant, oppressive “truths” that have long informed profound collective imbalances.

Gemini carries classic associations with the archetype of The Magician and of the generative power of language. The expressions of each sign’s core gifts are many and varied. In one part of this kaleidoscope of expression, Gemini is the griot, the bard, the keeper and sharer of knowledge in bloodlines; the sacred scribe; the ever-curious, prolific lyricist whose music is medicine, magic, and documentation à la Kendrick and Tupac (both Geminis).

And in shadowy expressions, Gemini’s word-wizardry is wielded to oppress and deceive as legislation written with the intention to erode Black and brown communities; the charismatic demagogue who masterfully plays on the primal fears of constituents; the seductive allure of capitalism and current meanings of “success” long reinforced over decades by the spellwork of policies.

Global anti-Blackness, capitalism, transphobia, white supremacy, environmental racism and degradation, rampant wealth inequality, the patriarchy these and more have roots in the strategic, corruptive misuse of language and magic in its many forms.

Gemini’s medicine as a swift Shapeshifter and Messenger between many different methods of communication music, politics, news, fashion, art, imagery of all kinds, education systems, publishing has great power to uplift and expand, and just as much power to destroy. These spells run deep and are no accident.

Our spells are no accident, either.

Magic has been a force of resistance, revolution, and future-weaving for centuries. It is high time we continue to word our way into new futures, wielding our many magics to name the illusions, heal them within ourselves and in community, and spell our way forward. The systems we live within are not, were not designed to, and will never be the Truth. With this new moon, may we be inspired to envision a world where our kaleidoscopic, prismatic ways of being might have the space to flourish.

Enjoy your horoscopes, and be sure to read for your sun, moon, and rising signs.


Aries, now is a prime time to envision the ways you would like to expand out of old belief systems, values, ethics, and teachings, and into the novel stimuli that your sign so beautifully needs. What exciting curiosities have you been avoiding or downplaying? What truths within yourself have been aching to express themselves and what needs to be cleared so that can occur? What beliefs about yourself and your place in the world are rooted in the limitations of the colonial? Pick up your pen, and boldly state where you are going next. Trust that the sources of knowledge needed to guide you there will come to you.


It is in you, Taurus, that we first taste what abundance means. Sensual delights, buoyancy, and pleasure are all your domain but often, you may find yourself (consciously or not) putting undue caps on the pleasures and bounty you allow yourself to experience. On this new moon, you are invited to explore any unconscious hangups around relishing in the abundance that the world sees dripping from you. These blocks and hangups may be ancestral in nature. Perhaps you can collaborate with your Venerated Ancestors in guiding you to the untruths about abundance that need to be transmuted and rewritten.


It’s your season and your moon, Gemini, and this is a potent day to devote to envisioning your sense of personhood and identity. Perhaps there are old truths regarding your self-concept that don’t quite ring as true anymore it’s likely that partnerships and human connections of all kinds have been the mirror through which you’ve seen the old within you come up for your review. Utilize this day to write or speak the new, more true parts of yourself into being. Dream big you might be surprised by where you’re at on November 30, your corresponding full moon in Gemini.


Your medicine is much and mighty, but it is fundamental that you prioritize your replenishment above all else always. Wherever you may be on your journey, healing is spiralic. We may find ourselves at new layers and deepened understanding of parts of ourselves in cycles. On this new moon, you’re invited to continue to uncover any old beliefs you may embody on what it means to be a healer and to care for others. If old patterns of codependency or martyrdom have been making themselves known to you, utilize this moon to both close those out, and to state to yourself new ways of sharing your medicine where you are at the center.


There are ways in which you are called to lead in the collective or in your community that cannot be denied and there are also old ways of being and inhabiting your personhood that are not conducive to the newness that beckons you. This is your crossroads. What will you leave there? Are there components of your leadership style that stand to be decolonized? Is committing to a relationship with your inner child needed in order to dance toward what inspires you? On this new moon, dare to state new ways of being the true you that feed where you’re going.


Your professional life and life legacy call, Virgo, and this part of your chart will be activated by the North Node in Gemini until early 2022. The South Node in Sagittarius lights up matters of childhood, ancestry, roots, and home for you. Are there parts of you that do not feel deserving of your biggest aspirations and visions for the world? Are there old, perhaps ancestral, hangups around how far you believe you can go? Spend time sitting with where you and your ancestors have been. Know that each step made toward the expansion of your biggest dreams is an offering to the Ones who came before you and guide you now.


You have much to learn, say, and teach, Libra, and the potential for your wisdom to go far is big indeed. Publishing, travel, writing, esoteric studies, and more all figure strongly for you now and until early 2022. Any means of expanding your knowledge base and continuing the lifelong quest for your personal truth are beneficial. Wielding language to weave what you desire behooves you both today, and until 2022. On this new moon, state the ways you wish to continue expanding into your truth, and invite the resources most in alignment with aiding you in your ever-unfolding journey.


This new moon activates your 8th house, the part of the chart your sign has domain over sex, death, rebirth, transformation, and resources all figure strongly now. With the nodes now in the Gemini-Sagittarius axis, your 8th house will be highlighted until early 2022. You're no stranger to profound personal transformations, nor to the non-linear, cyclical nature of healing. New ways of working with your magic, energy, and personal power call you now. Magnetize the resources you need in only the way that you can, Scorpio. Work with this new moon to invite in these new ways of tapping into your personal power, and know that this will be for the long haul.


Human connections of all kinds are highlighted for you on this new moon, and for a significant amount of time with the nodes now traveling through the Gemini-Sagittarius axis. Your sign is known for pilgrimages and expansive travels and this can, at times, veer into escapism and avoidance. Allow the relationships in your life to be the mirrors that grant you travel inwards to the deeper parts of yourself that ask for your presence. You and your partnerships will be enriched by this journeying.


There may be parts of you that know you are to apply your exquisite understanding of business, finance, strategy, and all things pragmatic and Saturnian in ways that are much more expansive and devotional than what is currently available to you. Your rich grasp of the management of resources is needed to serve others and co-create the futures you dream of the futures you feel burgeoning within you and the world around you. On this new moon, set intentions for how you might want to show up in service with all that you know and all that you are.


Aquarius, this moon is a potent time to boldly declare the ways in which you want to move forward in the world with your brilliant individuality. Now is the moment to reclaim parts of yourself lost or forgotten, and to allow yourself to shine. The South Node in Sagittarius may stir up old beliefs around what it meant to you to belong to a unit or collective of people; perhaps in your development, it was unsafe or unacceptable to fully shine as yourself. Today’s new moon serves as a reminder that not only is it now safe for your light to beam it is necessary, and an active contribution to the futures your sign dreams of.


The word “home” evokes so much within us, and this part of your chart is activated by today’s new moon, Pisces. The abundance of true belonging, care, community, and nourishment call to you now most notably, the sensation of belonging to oneself, and establishing a sense of home within you. Rooting within your being, and making this a committed practice, is necessary for the places you want to go. On this new moon, reexamine what all of this looks like for you, and dream about what it could look and feel like beyond what we have been conditioned to believe about family and belonging.


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