Full Moon in Scorpio – May 7, 2020

In the midst of potent collective unfolding, Thursday’s full moon in Scorpio brings powerful invitations to reflect upon transformation, cycles of life, and our connection to our personal power.

Scorpio is a fixed water sign, and holds alluring domain over sexuality, death, rebirth, transformation, intimacy, ghosts, the Ancestors, and so much more. Scorpio is opposite its sibling sign Taurus, the season we’re currently in the thick of. Within the axis of Taurus and Scorpio, we see the timeless dance of life and death; of blooming and decomposition; of surrender to the rich cycles of nature; of stability and impermanence; of those dark, unseen depths of the Earth that hold ancient layers of bones and blood making way for the lushest gardens.

Full moons act as illuminators, bringing to the fold both culminations and necessary releases.

On this full moon, explorations of your personal shadows are encouraged and supported by the medicine of Scorpio. The harnessed expression of Scorpio is akin to the shaman, the spider, and the phoenixfigures who move through the unseen, who crawl amidst the dark spaces few dare to go, and who rise with wisdom one can only find in the depths and the flame. Scorpio shows us the personal power we find in bravely traversing our own depths and cobwebs –and having the courage to release what must be released. In doing so, more spaciousness is made for more of our true essence to be birthed.

What hauntings invite you to commune with them, feel them, and lay them to rest so that more of your truth has the space to shine through? As a result of laying to rest the old and outdated within you, perhaps you might experience the delights of life with more reverence savoring the scent of every rose, moving to every undulating groove, and luxuriating in every kiss as though they were your last.

This is also a potent moon for honoring your Ancestors and knowing that as you heal, shed, and integrate, you do the same for Them. Imagine the layers of Earth beneath you and all the stories within them and think of the Ancestors who conspired and converged for you to be living and breathing here. Sit with the magnitude of that, and of your place in the Wheel of Life-Death-Life that Scorpio’s medicine so beautifully stands to teach us. Revere the pathmaking, ingenuity, and resilience of your Ancestors, and the guidance they give you now from the other side.

As you confront and transform generational trauma, you create more and more space for the powerful gifts of your bloodline to be more fully expressed. The expression of these gifts is one of many offerings to the Ones who came before you, and an integral piece of how you weave new worlds.

Reflection Points

Look back to where you were in late October of last yearmore specifically, October 27, the new moon in Scorpio. Revisit your journals, notes, and conversations around that time. Today’s full moon could mark a culmination or a fullness of what was unfolding at that time. Ask yourself things like:

  • What themes were significant for you then?

  • What intentions did you set in motion?

  • What are the ways in which you have evolved since then?

  • Are there things within your life and within yourself that you laid to rest then if not, what could be released on this full moon?


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