Full Moon + Eclipse in Sagittarius – June 5, 2020

The medicine of Sagittarius often gets reduced to the archetype of the ever-optimistic traveler and the gregarious life of the party. And although those are not untrue, each sign carries a kaleidoscope of potential for various expressions – and each sign carries core gifts.

The medicine of Sagittarius is the liberating power of truth-telling. It is the life-altering Fire of consciousness we experience when we are met with Truth that shakes us down to our blood and bones – and beckons us to invite those around us into the flame.

Globally, we see the fire of Truth traveling, expanding, and sparking people awake in the most beautifully Sagittarian ways. All 50 states and dozens of countries have shown up in the public Ritual of protest to demand, defend, and scream for justice for Black lives worldwide.

Sagittarius holds the element of Fire, and is the truth-teller, the teacher, and the traveler – and this Wisdom is now worldwide. Sagittarius shows us that once we know, we know, and there is no going back. This is the point of no return.

Saturn has recently entered Aquarius – the energetics of the revolutionary, the activist, and the catalyst of sweeping collective change. Aquarius sees thousands of years into the future and anchors those visions into the present, walking in and embodying those visions every day.

The last two times Saturn was in Aquarius, we saw the Rodney King uprising of the early 90s, and the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. Saturn was in Aquarius when the Civil Rights Act of 1964 passed.

What collective rage and grief we feel seeing that little has changed since the last time Saturn traveled through Aquarius – that these cycles repeat themselves, that the archaic structures and systems still prevail. In the words of Ancestor Audre Lorde, with both her Sun and Saturn in Aquarius, “Revolution is not a one-time event.”

Those of us born during the Great Depression, the Civil Rights Movement, and from 1991-1994 have all just entered a Saturn return. For the millennials born in 1991-1994, this is our first one. For years, we have been told that we feel too much and demand too much. We have endured unfathomable gaslighting in bravely naming the atrocities of the systems and structures we live under. For Black American millennials especially, we have experienced collective trauma after collective trauma, and been told that we are ungrateful, that our visions for Justice are impossible, that capitalism and white supremacy are norms to tolerate, uphold, and defend.

Enough is enough. And in true Sagittarius style, the world is watching.

May the flames of tonight’s full moon in Sagittarius and the flames of the world keep the hearth of our visions for justice burning.

May we remember that whole forests rise from the ashes.

May we spread the liberating Fire and Wisdom of Sagittarius in our own communities and demand local justice, and local defunding and divestment from police. May we dare to dream as expansively and globally as Sagittarians do, and act towards futures beyond a dying structure of policing – and towards futures where Black lives not only matter, but thrive effervescently.

May we have the courage to rest, to nourish ourselves and each other, so that we may continue our work in the revolution.

May we remember that even if justice doesn’t happen in our lifetimes – each intentional action, each spell, each prayer, each phone call, each meal, each conversation, each shift in resources is an offering to the Altar of the Future.

May we go slowly, and take pauses when we must, but may we never,






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