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Astrology for Businesses

Astrology is one of the most potent tools to make powerful, aligned, and lucrative decisions in your business.


This 12-month journey combines electional astrology, custom rituals, and intimate guidance to fully support the success of your business and your personal transformation. 

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What is electional astrology?

Electional astrology is the art of selecting the most auspicious times for key endeavors. Whether you’re launching a new business or product, hiring somebody new, or traveling for work, knowing the most potent moment at which to make crucial decisions in your business is a powerful ally. 

Why work with me?

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I’m Haley Smith, and I’ve been a professional astrologer for almost 6 years. A Fulbright scholar and a student of astrology for over a decade, I weave myth, magic, and Black feminism in my approach. My work is rooted in decolonizing, empowering, and guiding people back to the truth of who they are through astrology – and I take this same lens when working with businesses.

I’ve worked with companies like Barebones Living and lululemon integrating astrology as a tool for both the personal transformation of leaders within the business, as well as for creating business strategy that is powerfully informed by the stars. I’ve helped incredible visionaries like you launch new businesses, consistently sell out product launches, and create potent transformations within to help them show up powerfully in the pursuit of their vision.

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“Consulting with Haley changed the way our executive and team members worked together. Haley helped cultivate a deep understanding of our team’s individual and collective motivations, values, and needs, creating better leaders in each department.”

Melisa Jeffers, Former CEO of Barebones Living

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It's almost infinite her knowledge of astrology and the creative ways in which you can use it, and she can use it. She's really just an expert. There's nobody that I would go to now other than Haley.


Every single release of talismans that Haley has worked on with us has sold out. Another benefit of working with Haley is that she's just such an excellent communicator. She's extremely responsive, she's incredibly professional, and there is never a sense of me feeling like I can't rely on her.”

Dr. Kate Tomas, The Women’s Spiritual Empowerment Mentor & Founder of Ouroboros Limited Editions

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How will we work together?

Your business has a birth chart just like you do! First, we’ll have intensive sessions to explore both your chart and the chart of the business – this is to create a critical foundation of mutual, in-depth understanding of you and your business through the lens of astrology.


From there, I research the best dates and times for critical moments throughout the year as needed. Whether you need to set an important meeting with stakeholders, or launch a new product, I’ll provide the most optimal dates for you to make aligned, strategic decisions.


Additionally, you’ll be given tailor-made rituals that are designed based off of the dates and times provided – so that you can tangibly work with the astrology. For example, an auspicious date for releasing a new product would be accompanied by a step-by-step ritual for money magnetism, with each step detailed for you even down to the candle color. ;)


At the foundation of our work together is intimate guidance from me. I’ll be available for questions, support, the celebration of your wins, and more.

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Hear what clients have to say

Dr. Kate Tomas, The Women’s Spiritual Empowerment Mentor & Founder of Ouroboros Limited Editions

"The true, time-tested astrological principles and insights provided by Haley have proven effective at a granular level to achieving team and individual success by authentically integrating the needs, values, working styles, and motivations of the people necessary for our organization to reach commonly shared goals."

Melisa Jeffers, Former CEO of Barebones Living

"It was LIFE CHANGING GORGEOUS. As I've said before and will continue to say, this incredible being is so gifted at what she does.


You are so beautifully intuitive and know just what to focus on to help a client best and move prepared into the upcoming weather... her way of communicating complex concepts and finding the right words to describe is incredibly beautiful." - Rebecca Kilkenny Mullins

Who is this for?

This is highly intensive, committed, and sacred work – as such, I am highly selective about the types of leaders and businesses I work with.


I collaborate with people who:

  • Are dedicated to bringing holistic, rooted principles into their businesses – as a long-term commitment to growth and transformation (i.e. not a get-rich-quick scheme)
  • Have a clear, demonstrable passion & commitment to contributing to a better world, and whose business reflects that

  • Have a demonstrable, fundamental interest in the thriving of their employees

  • Understand that the nature of our work together is egalitarian, collaborative, and healthily boundaried

Astrology and the occult have long been (ab)used to support the violent aims of colonialism, capitalism, and the myth of white supremacy – that is not who my magic is for.


Institutions that are blatant, consistent purveyors of anti-Blackness, anti-indigineity, who abuse their employees, whose practices are not in integrity with their mission statements, and/or who engage in practices that are antithetical to a thriving Earth are wholly out of alignment with who I am, what I believe in, and the ways that working with me will transform your business and life. Interested businesses, or interested departments within businesses of the same echelon as Walmart, Tyson Foods, etc. need not inquire. 

Past & Present Clients

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I loved the company reading. I thought you were amazing at packing a lot of information into a concise delivery. You were thoughtful and thorough as well as engaging with the information.


Haley takes her clients on a guided tour of their own souls with divine compassion and rich understanding. The wisdom she shared in my reading continues to shape my vision for the future and validates some of my deepest, quietest intuitions about what I am here to do.


I don't even know where to begin. It's rare for me to allow myself to have such high expectations for an experience and then have them met AND exceeded. I left our session feeling invigorated, spiritually spoken to, and just flat out understood. It was extremely fulfilling, and that's a testament to your hard work & passion for your craft.


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$5,000 monthly; 12-month contract

  • 12 total elected dates and 6 custom rituals throughout the year
  • Initial sessions to explore the chart of you & the chart of the business

  • A folder of all materials and recorded sessions together

  • Availability for questions, support, and astrological guidance during standard business hours (via WhatsApp and Marco Polo!)

  • Monthly 1:1 check-ins and support astrologically

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$10,000 monthly; 12-month contract

  • 12 total elected dates and 12 custom rituals throughout the year
  • Exploring charts of up to 2 other key members of the business and/or department

  • Initial sessions to explore the chart of you & the chart of the business

  • A folder of all materials and recorded sessions together

  • Availability for questions, support, and astrological guidance during standard business hours (via WhatsApp and Marco Polo!)

  • Monthly 1:1 check-ins and support astrologically

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"I have deep gratitude for Haley for initiating me into a journey of self (re)discovery through my first-ever birth chart reading... when I listened to Haley communicate to me her interpretations of my soul lesson to learn, my ancestral healing to undertake, and my life legacy to build, I felt stark naked in my being. It was a blessing to be vulnerable in her safe and trusting company and feel affirmed that I am becoming who I am meant to be." - A.M.

Book a Consult

Let's talk about how working together can transform your business – and your life.

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"Haley’s message for me was so intensely eye opening for me. My session with her was so comfortable that all my anxieties were washed away the minute it began. She speaks the language of the stars so beautifully in way that she knew I would understand. Her words inspired me to really step into who I was and to take charge of my life. It took me a while to really choose that path, but Haley’s words are constantly replayed in my head and validating my choice to reach my highest potential. She helped me see who I really was in a way that I didn’t have access to. Haley’s knowledge of astrology is immeasurable. She knows the stars with her mind and heart and that is why I will always seek Haley’s services when I have questions about my place in this galaxy." - C.C.